16 Dec

Gospel Train – a journey of 10,000 Kms proclaiming the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ

Dearly beloved in Christ!

Choicest greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
May the Lord of Power grant you more strength in the days to come to fulfill His will in your life and mission as you move forward in His Grace and Glory! (Habakuk 3:19)
By the Amazing Grace of God, received invite from for the 10th General Assembly of World Council of Churches(WCC) to be held in Busan, South Korea from 27 October to November 1 of this year and also to the Peace Train Event to be held from Oct 6 to 26, 2013.
The World Council of Churches chose to use TRAIN as the medium of Gospel,and,God gave me a gracious invite from WCC but due to long processing time of visa for almost seven countries including Russia, China and North Korea, I could not make it. http://www.peacetrain2013.org/train-route.html
I pray that God use our Indian Trains as the instrument of Peace carrying His Blessings;

Over 2 million staff both working and retired are in Indian Railways and together with family members, it may easily cross the mark of 10 million. Kindly pray for their blessings;

For more information you may kindly visit  www.peacetrain2013.org

Kindly click the following link to watch the Peace Train Journey as I request your gracious prayers for God to use Railways all across the world for His Glory!

with much prayers for your blessings,
Arulraj from Canada

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